Nainital in monsoon is more vibrant! The rains don’t hamper it is a myth but add on to the beauty of the hills.

Outskirts of Nainital in rainy season

Misty mountain roads, the pouring rain, the alluring sky with clouds playing at the top of the mountains, gorgeous green shades all across the valley in Nainital in rainy season which makes Nainital a perfect getaway in Monsoon.

Monsoon is also the lean tourist season in Nainital which means

  • The hustle and bustle of tourists are minimum during this time. There is no queue outside Cave Garden and neither any rush in Rope Way’s booking.
  • And you will get the best deals in everything, be it accommodation, transport or shopping.

 For those seeking to travel on a smaller budget, this is the right time to strike gold. One can even witness the festival of Khatarua and the Nanda Devi Fair during the season.

You may have heard about Uttarakhand getting flooded due to rains or a cloudburst but Nainital isn’t really affected by it yet and you will not have a problem travelling to Nainital in August. The Independence Day long weekend is a good time to visit Nainital but if you haven’t already booked, you may want to make accommodation arrangements before you go as many places are already booked so kindly visit –

Tips For Visiting Nainital In The Rainy Season

1. Do not forget to carry an umbrella or a raincoat
2. Keep an extra pair of clothes just in case you get caught in the rains
3. Wear comfortable footwear that covers your feet entirely
4. Carry plastic bags to keep electronics safe from moisture
5. Rains may bring landslides in the hilly areas, especially in parts with poor road conditions. So, travel safe.